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October 12, 2006


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Paul Johnson

Way to step out, Pastor. I'm a little afraid of blogging, too. Once it's out there, it is kinda hard to make sure everyone catches what you intended to say.

I'll commit to giving you the benefit of the doubt, because I know your heart. I hope others do too.

Henry Williams

Thanks, Paul. I'm certain not everyone will catch my intention. Hopefully the comments will be a way to clear things up. What scares me even more is when they get my intention and I wish I could take it back. You know what I mean?

Harold Ennulat

Gutsy and Refreshing move to post your Seinfeld character (rather then the studio pastor shot) as the first impression we get from your blog/web page. It makes you more real and fun!

Being able to communicate openly like this is an idea that is long overdue. I'm finding I identify with many of the same things you are struggling with and concerned about.

Your communication should spark lots of conversations about the issues that you bring up, which can help us in our spiritual journeys and journey as a church body.

Harold Ennulat


This Blog of yours is exploding in content with your comments and the listings of the books and other resources that are influencing you.... and now us.

It's also nicely organized.

These ideas sound like the basis for an upcoming book!

Keep up the good work!


Thanks, Harold. And thanks for your other thoughtful comments. I appreciate it.

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