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November 29, 2006


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Nora Caswell

I agree! As a little girl, I was in Hudson and Stillwater visiting my Grandparents, Aunts Uncles, Cousin's, etc. However, we
were living in Texas. I wanted to move up here. My dad told me that we couldn't. I looked at him and said, "Well I will move up here when I'm big!" I didn't even recall that statement until I moved up here in 1997. The memory came flooding back when I was driving by my Grandparents old house in Hudson. I began to laugh and told God that He was so funny because He is the One that worked it out for us to move up here. I love this place! I love the beauty of the simple things. It often feels like going back in time. Stillwater still has the neat shops. Hudson has really changed but yet it's still that neat place that I loved to visit when I was a girl.

Last December 2005 I went to Texas
to visit my parents. I also
returned to Texas when my mother passed away from cancer in March 2006. I couldn't wait to get back up here because this St. Croix Valley is truely my home. There are special places here that I can just walk around, go get coffee, etc. that give a wonderful peace. I love the river. My husband and I have often walked on the walk bridge at the River Front Park here in Hudson. It's so relaxing to eat out and then walk on the bridge across the river down at the park, holding hands...
saying "hello" to other couples along the way. It has a somewhat serenity along the river. I love to see the beautiful trees changing color. I love the soups and winter squash that they serve up here. This is my true home and I understand about the descriptions of the Stillwater, Hudson, St. Croix River, Falls Theater, and the St. Croix Valley. It's a wonderful place that you can look around and see God's creation. He did all of this for us!

We love your blog!

Nora Caswell

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