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November 20, 2006


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Larry Graber

Hey enrique, how about el duque? I know that has been done in the baseball world but know that it hasn't been done in the pastoral world...sounds more majestic!!! ;)

Enrique Williams

Hi my name is Enrique Williams from Panama city Panama I put in my nameon the yahoo browser to see whats appear Im the coach for Panama city Panama rugby team, Im a Christian also is good to see a young Pastor for this generation by the picture above I can discern you are not the traditional religios foke, That's exactly what we need. Thank you for been your self. Your friend fron Panama

Henry Williams

Great to hear from you all the way from Panama and to make a new friend. Great name. What's funny is that my mom was concerned that I might change my name. She said they would call me Henry in Cuba (with a Spanish slant to the pronounciation). Growing up I was Henrito (pronouncing the H as in English). I told my mom I was serious but it's not likely I'll change my name because of all the difficulties associated with that.

Rugby! I don't get that game and it sure looks rough. Some day I'll have to watch it with someone who knows it and can explain it to me.

I don't know when your season is, but I wish you the best and may God bless you in all ways!

(Oh yeah, I have one minor correction I hate to make. I'm not a young pastor. I'm 48. Young at heart, though.)


Enrique Williams


Your ministry actually have inspire me to have a ministry online
Actually talking to people by way of message some will post
Their needs and the more sensitive ones will be done privately.

I guess that the internet can be use as a way of ministry and to
Even have a congregation online :) I have been thinking about it
For quiet a while, I will make you know if any think

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your family
That is about to go through a little metamorphosis with your
Name change and to every one at your congregation.

From Enrique to pastor Enrique
Thanks and the blessings of Jesus Christ
Fall over all of us.

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