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November 02, 2006


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Hi Pastor Henry,

This is my first time reading a Blog. Intersting. The entry about voting is great. Also, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the people at 5 Oaks. Thanks for bringing Christ to every day life. Oh...you did do a great job of playing Kramer too. :)


Thanks, Kim!

Tim Bredow

I realy like this blog of yours. It gets me to think... and act. One thing I've been thinking about that you mentioned in your voting blog is the sanctity of life. While in general I believe that this is a good concept I wonder if God is not so much concerned about life in particular, the dot on the line, but more about the way we honor Him in our everyday lives. The passage that bugs me the most is the Ananias and Sopheria passage where they are killed for lying. No opportunity for forgivness, or repentance, but instant death for lying. Is God more concerned about responding to Him in a proper way than in a persons life? It seems so to me. Is the sancity of life "issue" a smoke screen for looking past a deeper issue of putting Christ into everyday life. Am I missing something. Thanks for listening to this museing. PS I'm still adapting Plantinga's concept of Shalom via your sermon into several lectures for both Graduates and undergraduates here at Bethel with some very interesting responses from students. Thanks for the inspiration. Tim

Betty Juntune

Pastor Henry:
You are a breath of fresh air! Our daughter and son-in-law live in Lynchburg, VA and this blog is a great way to share the enthusiasm for Christ we've found at Five Oaks.

We encourage you to continue to be who you are - a genuine testimony.

Thanks, Betty

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