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December 12, 2006


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Scott Teece

Henry, I appreciate this post because I didn't know it was that much of an issue for our crowd. But I can see how the inclusion of more secular tunes will be intimidating for some people. I honestly don't have an issue with "secular" music in a church setting as long as it is dominating. If it opens the door for some people, great! I know one objection I've heard from this is "Well Paul says that anything that does not come from faith is sin, so we shouldn't have that be part of a worship service." But I really like the point that if that is the perspective, not only is the absolutist, literal interpretation of that statement terribly difficult to hold to in all of life, but it presupposes that the worship service is separate from life at work or in the car, etc.

Honestly, there are many "secular" tunes that stir my heart and mind towards God more than some Christian music. Plus, "Christian" music is most of the time 2 year behind the trend and sometimes not all of it is meant to glorify God. Sometimes the only thing makes it "Christian" is the distribution company. Really its just a label in my opinion. Take a look at Evanescence. They were totally coming out on Provident (same company as Jars of Clay, Third Day, Michael W Smith, Casting Crowns) and once they realized they were going to be popular they spurned their supposed Christian background.

I think that we need A LOT more Jeremy Camp in the worship services. If you or David have not listened to his live album, stop what you are doing and do that right now. It is phenomenal.

Lastly, I say opening cans of worms is good for most Christians today. I'm officially a proponent for more worms!

OK, I'm done

Henry Williams

Really not an issue as far as I know, although sometimes we've had rumblings and no way to address them. Hopefully this will help.

Thanks for the heads up on Camp. I'll check it out. Henry

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