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March 16, 2007


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I think you are right on here Henry. I think this is what many of us who have been around a while are really missing, what we are longing for. I think that is why so many like Jim (and myself) from your previous post are looking to radio messages to be fed. We need some more meat. God's speed in figuring out a solution to that one.


Maybe some other guys can help me remember here... but I did go through USMC basic training back in the 80s, and it was quite systematic. It also had a LOT of parallels to Spiritual Life.

Phase One we were broken down. We were shown that a lot of what we previously learned didn’t make a whole lot of difference in this new setting. We learned we didn’t have what it takes to make it on our own.

Phase Two we learned our limits… how long we could stay awake, how much physical endurance our bodies had, how long we could abstain from using the restroom after waking up. (until well after lunch, if your wondering) During this time we were also given the instruction we needed to conform in order to be effective later on.

Phase Three was focused on building us up. We had new identities once we graduated… United States Marine… something that could never be taken away. We were prepared to be presented to society, and more importantly, to our Enemy.

I think a great question to ask is, “Basic Training for what?” 12 Christians might give you 12 different answers.

After Boot Camp, I went to Mortarman training which was much more specialized. A buddy went on to be an embassy guard, and another a truck driver. Their advanced training wasn’t as pertinent to my situation.

So I’ll pose the question differently. “What is Basic to our experiences as Believers?” Perhaps we’ve been recruited into a lot of advanced training and bypassed the basic. Perhaps we’ve just forgotten the Big Picture, the Epic we are all part of.

I Wonder.

Henry Williams

Very good thoughts and questions. Thanks.

Linda Berg

I really enjoyed reading Paul's USMC experience, I never thought about how basic training has such strong corollaries to our spiritual life. Also, Pastor H -Great question! I've been wondering about this for some time. We are bringing people to Christ, and then I hope they connect with a small group or with a Bible Study like BSF to grow, but many probably fall through the cracks. As you know, I am a Crossroad Bible Institute instructor (and your Mom is one too) for prison inmates. Their studies are wonderful for discipleship. Some examples of studies they have are "Great Truths of the Bible", "Survey of the Bible", 10 Men of the Bible" and "10 Women of the Bible". They have other studies as well that are well written with solid theology focussing on life application. I could get you more detailed information if you're interested.

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