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May 09, 2007


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I'll have to vote for the U2 series as being my favorite. Great music every week, an inspiring message from Bono, an easy series to invite others to, and some very real world applications of how to put our faith into action. The Office would be second because of the great video bumpers. :)

larry fallon

My favorite this past year was "No Perfect People Allowed". It helped me shed the unworthiness I feel at times when I stray from my walk with Christ. It also reinforced his unfailing love, unending mercy, and forgiveness for me.

U2rocks was my second favorite. I used to spin their records(that's right LP's) at my college radio station in CT when they were a cool band that mainstream America hadn't discovered yet.

Steve Jensen

I also vote for No perfect people allowed. It really was a phenominal set of messages that really hit home for me and my wife.

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