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June 18, 2008


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Harold Ennulat

That would be a good exercise for us at Five Oaks.... to wrestle with the difference between perfection and excellence. And to also ask the question of what we are doing well enough to want to replicate and to work to establish the level of excellence so we can readily identify excellence when we get there.
It seems like we have avoided having this discussion and self examination... So I'm glad you brought this up.

On the subject of not getting everything right to reach our lost world: It depends on who we are trying to reach. Those that know they are lost only need the message to come to church. Those that don't know they are lost may well need the fine china to attract them to just show up. I think we are the church that wants to be culturally relavent... to be an enticing place where people, who are lost and may not yet realize it even, want to come to.

Good comments.

Henry Williams

I agree. That's the rest of the story. Excellence (not perfectionism) may call for fine china at times. One of our guiding principles in our building has been to do it with excellence, so very early on we looked at other comparable buildings in the area (like schools, YMCA, etc.). But we could have set our eyes on luxury to reach people people and ended up with less building or no building or crippling debt.

And it's not just luxury; it's luxuries. For example, one of the leaders from one of the churches at the Hitchhikers weekend was fretting about what to do about security in the children's wing since they have installed video cameras all over the children's wing for security. That's a luxury we can't afford if we want to multiply. I'm not saying they shouldn't have installed the video cameras. I'm just saying that if they think that's necessary for ministry, they won't multiply because that's simply not reproducible (and it's completely unnecessary since there are so many free, low tech ways of providing great security).

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