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January 06, 2010


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Vince Miller

I had a hot fudge sundae and watched it too. With lots of toppings!

Sarah Hampton

Hi-- Thanks for writing about O'Neal here. I am his wife Sarah-- O'Neal and I met at NWC almost 32 years ago. He is the most amazing husband and father any woman could dream of.He was an excellent football player and is a great High School Coach today!


Sarah, Thanks for commenting. That episode made it clear O'Neal is a man with a huge heart and deep emotion. He's a lover. One of my close friends from NWC wrote me today and told me O'Neal was his roommate for part of his freshman year, which means, I think, that I was his R.A. This friend had not made the connection between his old roommate and the guy on the show but said that O'Neal was a chiseled Hershal Walker like body and athletic ability. I'm a little torn about the show because I don't think weight determines your worth, but I can also see how it can disrupt life and create all kinds of problems. But the show does succeed in humanizing everyone and at least for me I didn't see the weight after a while. Strange that a show about losing weight can accomplish that. I really do wish him and your daughter the best in all this and know that whatever the outcome, O'Neal will continue to be the loving husband, dad and coach that he's always been. God bless you guys!

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