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January 09, 2010


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Tim Bredow

I am not commenting on this post but, just making a comment about a thought that has been going through my head about 5 Oaks since Christmas. It has to do with the Christmas service at the high school and your aversion to Churchiness. Since it is becomming increasingly difficult to get a seat in the Sunday services why not just move the service to the High school. That is where the roots of the church is and there should be enough committed people to do the work of setting up and taking down. The "if you build it they will come" idea seems applicable here with the nice new auditorium , ample parking and bright and airy entrance at the new high school already built. Why not get a foot in the door b4 some other church does. I was thinking that I'll bet you could fill both the Five Oaks auditorium and the high school auditorium with in a few months of opening it due to expanded availability of seating. Just an thought I had. What do you think?


Tim: I like how you're thinking. When we talked to them about renting for Christmas Eve they said they are not letting anyone use it every week, but I know that can change (as it did with Lake). It would cost us a lot of money, and we invested in Community Life Center to do a concurrent service, so I think we need to use that first. Those are my thoughts. Oh, they would need to fix their sound situation over there. We had a pro on sound and without him could have been a nightmare. They are not happy with their system as it is. I think they may have plans to fix it, but I'm not sure.

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