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August 10, 2010


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Henry, I agree with you that Bill, alone, is worth the cost of the conference and his book Axioms is full of great insight.

What hit me hard was the opening video with all of the different declarations. I found many of them hit me between the eyes but hearing someone say, “I will not lead with anger” really hit me. As much as I would like to think that I don’t do this, I do especially with my kids.

My declaration: “I will not lead my family with anger and I will listen more than I talk.”

Paul Somers

Definitely my favorite message at the summit. Our church has such wonderful kingdom potential if all of us indiviudally and collectively can get from "here to there."

Suzy Fallon

Hi Henry,

Bill's opening session was the highlight of the conference for me. The concept of "here to there" was simple, yet so powerful. I also really enjoyed Daniel Pink's session on Motivation. I am SO GLAD that I attended the conference...I had a lot of reasons pulling me away from attending, but I am grateful that I didn't listen to those reasons! Count me in for next year! Suzy

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