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September 19, 2010


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Harold Ennulat

I'm anxious to see what the frontage of our building might look like? Will the frontage be like the original plan from our last major build, or will we rethink it from a fresh perspective?
For example I could see adding a turn lane to enter the property and maybe some regrading to reduce the steep hill as you enter.


We'll look at all the older plans to see if they can be updated and then design something new. We don't plan to regrade, but I'll ask someone to look into a turning lane. I'm pretty sure that's not up to us, though. That's a county road and we may have requested it before. We'll have our hands full with the costs of all the other stuff. But we will be knocking down all those scruffy trees/bushes that now block the view of the sign when you come from Cottage Grove.

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