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May 19, 2011


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i personally feel that the question regarding membership is a good one, and the fact that the elder wasn't able to answer is revealing.

i believe that it could be like a 'david numbering israel' kinda thing & i'm not sure that it's healthy for anyone involved.

one could argue that it is the reason behind division/denominationalism in the Body of Christ.


Thanks for the comment. Here's something to consider. It's what one pastor said about numbers on a blog post. I'll edit it a bit:

I think numbers do matter to God…we see it early in Scripture–Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, NUMBERS…

All throughout the OT there are number references…AND when you get to the NT it seems that even a higher emphasis is placed on numbers. For example, I’ve been reading the Gospel of Mark in my quiet time…and Mark keeps mentioning that “large crowds” were following Jesus, why was he mentioning that? Was Jesus just into numbers?

And then you have Acts chapter two–where 3,000 people repented and were baptized…think about this–SOMEONE had to count all of those people…and the Holy Spirit considered it significant enough to include in Scripture...

And then all throughout the book of Acts Luke tells us of the numbers of people and how the church kept on growing in NUMBERS.



Chris, In spite of what I wrote about numbers, your concern about the pride and possible misuse of numbers is valid as is illustrated by some of the restrictions God placed on kings with numbering. Thanks for making that point. Your second comment you sent would be better to take offline. I don't have your email, so shoot me an email. I appreciate what you have to say. Henry

Harold Ennulat

When you get this put together, could you let us know when/where the "Five Oaks Church Survival Manual" will be posted?

The web site (www.fiveoakschurch.com) would make the most sense to me.

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