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August 23, 2011


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speaking of 'christian' & worship songs:

i detest the ones which intend to evoke the presense of God & the ones which ask Him to do the things which His Word says He's already done & told us to believe. e.g., there's one that i hear on the radio often which sings something like "God of heaven come down, come down...etc". this is complete unbelief in what God has already done by sending His Son. (see rom 10:6-10)

there are many others with a theme for the Holy Spirit to come. this was already accomplished on pentecost, the Holy Spirit has never left & we are to believe & receive His baptism, not insinuate that He's not with us cuz we don't 'feel' His presence.

i think that we should be careful in our songs not to offend God nor to promote unbelief.

in His Love!:-)

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