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June 19, 2013


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How exciting! I remember sitting in the old farm house during a prayer vigil (by myself at 5 am) as the church was planning on growing into it's own building! God is so great!


We might have to send someone to Madison to film you telling your story. What a great picture!

Kris Schroeder

Are you thinking about becoming a big box church, Henry!? Can you really make as much of a difference in families having a church like that? Millions will be needed to keep it afloat and you lose your touch with families....sad that another GREAT teacher is going the way of the Big Box church fad. Take up collections for the family that needs a roof instead of another wing....that collection takes from that family in need. My opinion...I truly think you are the best Pastor I have witnessed.


Hi Kris, My hope is that we never grow beyond our ability to be the church God wants us to be. Thank you for your kind words and for your concern. I addressed a similar concern here: http://henrywilliams.typepad.com/everyday/2013/06/you-may-be-wondering-part-2.html. I share your concern. We're about mobilizing our congregation to make an impact for Christ in the world, and we are doing that, with lots of hands-on ministry by our members in their everyday lives outside the church walls. Also, last year alone we gave nearly $200,000 from our general fund to outside ministries and we also raised an addition an $100,000+ for over 500,000 meals for hungry kids with over 2000 volunteers packing those meals over a weekend. That's not to pat ourselves on the back. It's simply to say that this is who we are and what we do and we have no plans to change. Again, thank you, and God bless you as you make an impact for Christ in the world. Henry

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